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Jedari, the Groundbreaking New Community Management Platform

Online communities have grown in exponential leaps and bounds since the early 90s internet. Many continue to look for new platforms and new communities to build connections and network globally. Jedari wants to provide consumers with a way to interact with a community online through its brand-new community management platform.

Jedari is a platform that allows users to interact with, control, and grow communities online. Through features like live streaming, direct messaging, and member profile building, the service connects individuals. As a result, community managers may enable public, private, and particular community groups more effectively with Jedari.

Additionally, Jedari offers a member participation scoring, which enhances the community experience and promotes online interaction. On top of that, there will be a library where films, videos, documents, and training materials for community managers who want to introduce new members to their community.

The creators behind the platform aim to see Jedari continue to bring people together throughout the world. “Jedari is for anyone with a tribe or community,” they shared. “Because Jedari provides community builders and community managers the most robust and inclusive app to serve their community real-time, live and with robust and connected features.” 

After spending six years creating communities with thousands of members, the creators had come up with the concept for Jedari. They found it difficult at the moment to find a platform that would support their vision for the communities, ultimately leading them to create it themselves with a team of experts.

Communities may connect both online and offline using the Jedari app. Additionally, through its live streaming services, thought leaders and influencers may also engage their audiences by presenting their views and inviting participation.

“What’s important in a group or community setting is the ability to communicate and transfer information to and from your members. Jedari is the result of six years of trial and error from a community and tribe builder,” the creators said.

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a rise in remote and hybrid work setups. Still, more and more employers are beginning to move toward these alternatives in increasing numbers. The expansion of online communities has also made it possible for people from all cultures and backgrounds to interact despite geographical distance. The creators of Jedari want to be a part of this historical moment and make it possible for social networks to congregate, communicate, and develop online without restrictions.

As Jedari continues to develop and test its platform, the company hopes to add more features that will help online communities and believes that more people will transition to virtual communities.

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