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Immersive New NFT High Horse House Project Promises Unparalleled Rewards

High Horse House is the immersive new NFT project Promising unparalleled rewards by welcoming holders into an elite society that knows how to have one hell of a good time! High Horse House looks to make waves in the metaverse and reality alike with elite parties, engaging games, DAO voting and insane prizes.

In the digital world, the High Horse House NFT collection’s story goes like this— A set of 10,000 horses are out to discover fun, adventure, and a world filled with parties and festivities. The madness began when the horses broke free. When the horses stumbled across some stoners and took their first hit, the pivot mainly started through conflict. When the mad scientist, Dr. Von Derpus, trapped those poor animals in his laboratory, they had to fight for their freedom. Eventually, the High Horses did.  

The team behind the NFT collection values the security of its holders. It is their top priority. So they have spent significant time with cyber security experts to secure and protect their website against any attack or scams and provide their holders with the most gas-efficient ERC-721 token possible. As High Horse House grows and expands its community, they want to attract NFT collectors and newcomers to the NFT world. The team behind the High Horse House desires to create and provide an ecosystem where everyone is benefiting from the community. 

The concept of the art correlates strongly with the project itself. The artist and the creative team collaborated closely to make sure that the art represented the project’s brand. They also created a unique and very engaging entire backstory for the project. 

Who knows what deranged experiments he conducted on those poor steeds? Judging by their character, we can only assume the very worst. The horses now run, free and funky, finding solace in the pleasures of the wider world – and, whenever they can, getting high! Some pretend to be horses on carousels; some stretch their legs in sporting events – others glue cones to their foreheads and strut through the deepest woodlands in the hope of freaking out campers. Today, the magnificent steeds of High Horse House represent freedom, pride in being different, and not letting yourself be held back by those who wish the worst on you.

They’re a fun-loving bunch who love a ganja-fuelled gallop – but God forbid what they would do if they ever happened to come across Von Derpus again. One of the most vital points of the project is their plan to adopt a fully decentralized management structure through a DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization. These structures highly depend on smart contracts executed automatically when certain conditions are met. The smart contract overviews the organization’s guidelines, which can only be influenced via vote. It can also send and receive funds conveniently without relying on a human intermediary.

They have a post-mint party that aims to celebrate their sell-out mint the High Horse way with an IRL party which the community will vote for the location. It will also be streamed in the metaverse for High Horses worldwide to enjoy. The giveaways include a large framed print of your Horse, a luxury cigar box filled with Cuban Cohibas, custom HHH 24k Gold Coin and a Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT, among others. 

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