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IATIA: A Business Service Company That Cares

Contrary to popular belief, starting is not the hardest part of having a business, but staying in the industry is. During the pandemic, many people saw an opportunity to open a business. However, only a few of them were able to stay afloat. This is why seeking professional help to start and manage a business is key to success. At IATIA, a business service company, startups will have a much easier time starting and growing their businesses.

Anyone who comes across IATIA can expect nothing less than first-class service. They take great delight in assisting people of all races, nationalities, sexes, and orientations. When clients work with IATIA, they can expect a group of people who are eager to help with everything from business formation to establishing credit for the business to finding a virtual assistant to handle administrative tasks when the client’s hand is full to fulfilling all of the tax preparation and notary needs. IATIA cares deeply about making a positive difference in people’s lives. They believe that when a customer succeeds, the business succeeds as well. The company’s success is directly tied to its client’s success.

Tasha Renae, owner of IATIA, and her team makes sure that they don’t just accept people’s money and provide them with a to-do list; instead, they get to know the client and their financial situation so they can better serve everybody. Tasha’s passion to help people sets IATIA apart from other business services due to the care it provides to its clients.

Founder/CEO Tasha Renae did not launch IATIA for the money, she launched it to help businesses and consumers grow, expand, and propel to the next level financially. She is passionate about helping others and believes that God placed her here to help others with their financial journey. Tasha has 20 years of expertise in banking and finance. Before launching her own business, she worked as an Assistant Vice President at Regions Bank, where she got her skills and knowledge. While Tasha is new to her business, she is no stranger to the industry.

“I was an AVP for a Banking institution dedicated to helping businesses and consumers. While building relationships with businesses, I noticed that many were being declined for lending for equipment and working capital. I decided to invest in myself (outside of the company) to learn about businesses on a greater level. I implemented my knowledge and saw more businesses getting approvals for lending. I decided to step out on faith in June of 2022 and launch my own business. I have always had the heart to help others to succeed and achieve their goals,” Tasha explained.

Tasha’s passion on helping other people doesn’t stop with helping them with their financial journey, she also has an annual homeless drive-in honor of her mother, Earnestine Dampier, who passed away in 2017. She was inspired by her mother who would feed the entire community of Clarksdale. She is also the Founder of The Great I AM Healing & Transformation Center, which has an annual backpacks and blankets drive for the homeless.

Tasha is a true asset to any business. Her passion for helping businesses succeed is unmatched, and her knowledge in the field is vast. If you’re looking for someone to help your business thrive, Tasha is the perfect person for the job.

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