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How Tycho Energy Is Helping AZ Homeowners Save Money On Electricity Despite Rising Energy Rates

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Phoenix AZ, January 30, 2023 

Due to the rising cost of electricity, many homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their monthly bills and take advantage of renewable energy. An AZ-based solar company, Tycho Energy is giving homeowners a second option for their power that comes with some enticing benefits. The company has developed a program (The Tycho Redirection Program) that allows homeowners to redirect a portion of their monthly power bill towards converting their home to solar energy. Homeowners who qualify for the program aren’t required to pay any money upfront for the solar system’s installation and enjoy a fixed monthly rate for their electricity and an average 15-50% reduction in total monthly energy cost. Miraculously, homeowners see these savings all while maintaining their current level of consumption.

Since the advent of electrical services to American homes in the 1890’s, the only way for residents to save money on their electric bill has been to decrease energy consumption. Most of a home’s energy is consumed by appliances. Lighting accounts for 9-12% of a home’s monthly power consumption, Water heaters, 12%, Refrigerators 8%. Dishwashers, Ovens and Televisions consume an additional 12%. The largest electricity consumer in a household is the air conditioning unit which accounts for 45-50% of the home’s total consumption. In most cases, reducing power consumption means reducing the use of the home’s largest power consumer. In Arizona, daytime temperatures climb to an average of 107 degrees in the summer. Due to consistently increasing utility rates, cooling a home to a comfortable 70 degrees has become almost unaffordable. 

When a homeowner buys their power from a utility company, they pay per kWh, plus surcharges, delivery charges, power supply charges, taxes and assessment charges. When you use more power, you pay more money. Each month, as someone pays their bill, that money disappears into the hands of the utility provider. Through Tycho Energy’s Redirection program, homeowners pay a monthly payment for the system which produces the power. Since power is being produced on site, there are no supply or delivery charges. Due to the Federal Solar investment tax credit,

homeowners who qualify for the program can claim up to 30% of the system’s total cost as a tax credit. Instead of throwing money away to pay for power each month, a homeowner’s monthly cost of electricity goes towards an asset that increases the value of the home. 

How does the program work? Homeowners can apply for the program by contacting Tycho Energy by phone at (602) 466-9766 or online at First, the company needs to know how much power a home is using each month. They gather this information by taking a look at a copy of a recent electric bill. This gives them an idea of how many panels a home will need to produce 100% of its power. Next, one of Tycho Energy’s engineers will use satellite imagery to take measurements and create a virtual design of the system to confirm that the home’s roof has enough surface area for the necessary amount of solar panels. If it does, they schedule a preliminary site survey of the home to check for sun exposure and structural integrity. If the home is in adequate shape to support the system, Tycho then submits a request to the utility provider in the area. If the utility provider approves the request, the home is officially eligible for the program.

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