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How Quantum Bots is Flipping the FOREX Market

How Quantum Bots is Flipping the FOREX Market
Photo Courtesy: Quantum Bots

By: Adam LoPorto

When Luc Longmire, Kayla Van Boven and Adam LoPorto met, they had no idea where their relationship would take them. Although they were all successful traders and entrepreneurs with varied backgrounds, they seemed an unlikely bunch to launch what might be the premier algorithmic-based trading company out there. But they just might have done that, and they’re taking this marketplace by storm. There is no shortage of “algo” companies these days: they seem to be popping up every five minutes. But Quantum Bots, founded by the trio in 2023, is quickly setting itself apart with a distinct focus on education and well-tested software systems.

Longmire, Van Boven and LoPorto met through mutual friends between 2019 and 2020. They live (literally) on opposite corners of North America: Van Boven on Vancouver Island, Longmire in Miami, and LoPorto in New York. But despite their distance, after meeting, they kept in touch regularly – mostly sharing trade strategies. Van Boven and LoPorto were keen on building algorithms that could help them diversify their trading portfolios and turned to Longmire, the most experienced trader in the group, for assistance in setting some of the system’s parameters.

“I wanted software because I didn’t have a trading portfolio,” says LoPorto. “I had an investment portfolio, but when it came to trading – where I make a good deal of money – I had one account on a single brokerage, using only a small handful of strategies that worked well for me. At some point, I realized I couldn’t trade that full account anymore. It was too top-heavy… Everything in one brokerage, all relying on me, whether I have the time and mental stability to trade. It got stressful and too risky.”

How Quantum Bots is Flipping the FOREX Market
Photo Courtesy: Quantum Bots

One day back in 2021, Kayla and Adam were chatting about the potential to automate the management of their trades. “I figured if we could create a simple software just to manage open trades according to a set of rules, I could buy back a ton of time and probably do better over time because I don’t always manage my trades perfectly. Successful trading is boring: it’s all about statistical probabilities and executing the same trades thousands of times with no variation. People are bad at that because we have off days. Computers don’t have off days. I also wanted to have multiple accounts on different brokerages at varying levels of risk. That’s nearly impossible to manage as a solo artist. So I talked to Kayla because nobody I knew knows more about algorithms than her.”

According to LoPorto, Van Boven had tested over 150 algorithms and had connections with programmers who could help them create software to help manage their personal accounts. “And that’s what we did. Once we’d created stuff that could close trades, it wasn’t a big step to add the ability to open trades as well. This also meant we could have systems that could analyze far more data than any human. We paid a bunch of money to people who created things that worked for a few months and then crapped out. Some of them never even delivered us any software. But we met some amazing people who had our level of integrity, knowledge, and passion… and that took us to a new level.” 

The simple desire to break free from their screens and diversify their trading portfolios, according to the founders, was the beginning of what became Quantum Bots. According to LoPorto, “It was as simple as that… we just wanted stuff that worked well for us. That was the end goal. For me, it was, ‘Can I create a bunch of set-it-and-forget-it accounts that can flip $1K into $10K or $10K into $100K? Because if I can do that, plus my manual trading and my other businesses, it was game over for me.”

While most “algo” companies were founded for the sake of starting a profitable business, Quantum Bot’s founders admit that their thriving software business was established almost accidentally. 

“We’re all entrepreneurs, so when we see value in something, we’re going to at least consider setting up a business around it. But this started because we wanted algos to grow and diversify our own accounts,” says LoPorto. “That was it. We just wanted stuff we could use. But what we came out with was so good, people started asking for copies. So, we set up a system to issue license keys, built a great customer support system, and that was that. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 17, but I never thought that creating trading algos with my friends would become my number-one passion. But here we are.”

While many algo businesses are focused on advertising a “passive income opportunity” or are looking for people who are going to be funding large accounts of $100,000 or more, the Quantum team takes a different approach in their presentations.

How Quantum Bots is Flipping the FOREX Market
Photo Courtesy: Quantum Bots

“I see wealth-building as a pyramid,” says LoPorto. “The pyramid is divided into three sections: the bottom is your wealth: this is the stuff that’s keeping just ahead of inflation but is super secure. The center is your medium risk stuff… making you a decent return but it’s not multiplying your money short term. The top is your ‘growth bucket.’ This is your higher-risk area where you’re multiplying your money. It’s inherently the riskiest. But you need all three segments of that pyramid to be financially healthy. Most people are completely imbalanced… they either go all-in and have everything in higher-risk large-growth buckets trying to get rich quick, or their only investment is their mutual fund or 401K. Very few people have a good balance between high growth and high security.”

This, for the founders of Quantum Bots, is the key differential in how they created and utilized algorithms to trade for them and made all the difference in how they approached sharing their algorithms with others when Quantum Bots was launched.

“Quantum is your growth bucket,” says LoPorto. “This is where you turn $1,000 into $10,000; $10,000 into $100,000. This isn’t where I park a half million to try to make $100,000 per month and check out. People who advertise get-rich-quick schemes are scheming. But anybody can get rich. You just have to be smart about it along the way, and you have to enjoy the journey, or it’s been a huge waste of the most valuable thing you have: your time.”

Quantum Bots is currently marketing only a single algorithm, which they call KONG. According to LoPorto, “Kong was a breakthrough. It’s a high-growth potential algo, but it’s pretty moldable… It’s easy to adjust risk settings down or up. I have multiple accounts running Kong. I don’t have to touch or manage them at all. I check them once a week, and I withdraw quarterly. That’s it. To me, this is all about growing smaller amounts into larger sums and systematically diversifying over time. It’s life-changing.”

Drawdown (the notional loss an open trade can sit in while a position is still open) was extremely important to the trio: “I wouldn’t use most [algos] out there” says Longmire. “They get you 5, maybe 10% a month but average drawdown is 40, sometimes over 50%. Risking 4 or 5 to make 1 makes no sense. We wanted algos that could do better than that.” 

Given what they’ve created, Quantum Bots might just be positioned to change the face of finance. According to LoPorto, “The investment marketplace is evolving. People are realizing that what they get when they walk into a bank is kind of a scam. You give them $100K, they lock it up for a year, then they give you a 5% return? That barely keeps up with inflation. If that’s all you’re relying on, you’ll never be financially free. That’s where most people are, and a lot of them are realizing they need some of their money to work harder. I started looking at ways to systematically flip $10K into $100K, withdraw most of the profits and move them into medium-risk investments, then move those down into those 4 – 6% APY parking garages. Now all I do is keep systematically diversifying. Anybody can do this.”

But the real question is, what makes Quantum Bots different? After all, there are dozens of large companies out there. Any trader on Instagram is bombarded by ads touting huge returns, seemingly with zero risk. “It’s about a solid historical track record, personally balancing your portfolios, and getting educated,” says LoPorto. “To really serve people, we knew we had to hit all three of these with Quantum Bots.”

When you look at KONG’s performance over the past 14 months, it’s easy to see why their rapidly growing roster of clients is so excited. According to Van Boven, “I’ve been looking at the performance of literally hundreds of algos for years. They just don’t match up [with KONG]. I wouldn’t put money into something that was drawing my account down 40% to make 8% [per month]. And that’s exactly what a lot of algo companies are doing. I think people go for it because they’re lured in by sleek ads and they just aren’t educated. Helping educate people is really important to us.”

And this is a key factor in Quantum Bots’ service to their clients. Luc Longmire is no stranger to the education arena: he’s a well-known name in the FOREX trading space. Having spoken in dozens of countries around the world, Luc’s mission is to impact millions of people by sharing the knowledge that brought him from literally nothing to complete financial freedom. “The most exciting part of this business, for me,” says Longmire, “is impacting lives.” Quantum delivers by offering regular educational sessions that focus on a wide range of subjects, from diversifying risk to using algorithm profits to build real estate portfolios. According to LoPorto, “A lot of people fail at financial success because they just don’t know how to approach it. They want to get rich overnight, so they push the pedal to the floor, and they wind up crashing. We teach people to enjoy the journey and just do things methodically. Five years passes quick, and you can completely transform your life in five years.”

Quantum Bots is currently offering a single algorithm, KONG. “We have more coming,” says Van Boven. “We just like to thoroughly test things so we can fully understand their characteristics in a range of market conditions before we bring them to our clients. But we have 2 or 3 more that are looking very promising. Our goal is to release another 3 – 4 pieces of software in 2024 so our clients can continually diversify their trading portfolios. I’m really excited to watch people grow with us.”

Will this unlikely trio who “accidentally” launched a trading software company change the face of finance in America? It’s quite possible. Only time will tell. But, for now, Quantum Bots is setting the stage to give the big-box algorithm companies a real run for their USDCAD.


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