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Heal Again Co: A Journey from Farming to Holistic Healing

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Heal Again Co. prides itself on its rich, deep-rooted history – a quintessential, fifth-generation farm family hailing from the heartland of Iowa, USA. When it comes to physical and mental well-being, their passion runs as deep as their lineage. Firmly adhering to the philosophy, ‘Love being you again’, this dedicated team has meticulously formulated a unique line of products that aim to help you re-embrace life to its fullest.

The genesis of Heal Again Co. is a captivating narrative of resolve and innovation. In 2020, the cornerstone, Daren Lauritsen, embarked on a journey to address the aches and pains that affected not just his local farming community but many others beyond it. Delving into the health benefits of CBD, CBG, and CBN, coupled with various natural herbs and healing oils, Daren’s research led him down a path of profound discovery.

Stemming from his enlightening findings, the first product was born – the Heal Again Topical Roll-on. This novel product comprises a blend of 11 essential oils, including key ingredients such as menthol, arnica, and boswellia. Co-formulated with the expertise of Kim Wood, a fellow Iowan and experienced massage therapist, the roll-on is designed to target pain points and bolster full-body recovery.

The subsequent success of the Heal Again Roll-on affirmed the effectiveness of their approach and further fueled their aspirations. Keen to provide a holistic health solution, the company extended their product range to include relaxation and sleep aids.

Today, Heal Again Co.’s flagship product, Heal Again, serves as a testament to their commitment and ingenuity. This natural anti-inflammatory solution harnesses the synergistic power of 13 ingredients, including 11 essential oils and 2 different cannabinoids. It addresses a broad spectrum of conditions ranging from sore muscles and joints to wounds, arthritis, and even bug bites.

As Heal Again Co. continues to grow, its roots remain firmly grounded in the principles that it was founded on. Each team member plays a vital role in perpetuating the original vision, cultivating an environment that champions work-life balance and the success of each individual.

In this growth journey, the company is keen to spread the benefits of their products to various outlets – from CBD stores and athletic shops to physical therapists and chiropractors. Those interested in embracing the health and recovery benefits of Heal Again Co. are encouraged to reach out and become part of this exciting journey.

Indeed, the story of Heal Again Co. is one of a transformative journey – from a small farming community in Iowa to a burgeoning wellness brand. It stands as a shining example of the amazing potential that lies in harnessing nature’s power and using it to foster health, happiness, and a better way of life.


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