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From Top-Ranked Recruiter to Entrepreneur: How Matthew Burzon Transformed His Career and Built a Thriving Recruitment Company

From Top-Ranked Recruiter to Entrepreneur: How Matthew Burzon Transformed His Career and Built a Thriving Recruitment Company
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Success isn’t always linear; sometimes, the scenic route leads to the most rewarding destinations. If you don’t believe that, you are in for a treat, as Matthew Burzon’s journey to the top of the recruitment industry isn’t your linear corporate tale. From his early days as a construction project manager to becoming a revered recruitment mogul, Matthew’s story is one of tenacity, wit, and an unwavering belief in one’s abilities.

A 2007 graduate of The Milwaukee School of Engineering, Matthew kick-started his career in construction project management at Kohler Co., where he learned the intricacies of capital project planning, sustainable building construction, and the significance of maintaining robust relationships to achieve desired outcomes. After obtaining a Project Management Professional certification and embarking on an MBA at his alma mater, a job change to Milwaukee-based consulting group Titus introduced Matt to the fields of accounting, tax, audit, energy management and recruitment. 

Matthew first worked in sales at Titus, where he learned the art of prospecting and persuasion and the critical importance of gaining command over the subject matter. But it was his background in construction management that ultimately steered him into the world of recruitment. “Titus Talent was picking up many construction clients,” says Matthew. “The firm’s principal approached me and said, ‘You know the industry, and you know sales, and we’re going to teach you how to find people.’”

Matthew swiftly ascended the ranks to become one of the top sales professionals and recruiters in the company. His secret? A combination of ingenuity, relentless work ethic, and focus on results.

“In the world of recruitment, those who pair innovation with effort and couple it with a results-driven mindset are sure to win,” Matthew shares. Today, his passion for innovation, quality, and results resonates with every candidate he engages with and every company he serves.

Yet, his ambition didn’t stop at being a top-ranked Titus staffer. After a short stint in business development with a mid-size General Contractor and a boomerang back to the recruitment world, Matt had the confidence and customer insight needed to develop a new and different service offering. This realization propelled him to take the entrepreneurial plunge and establish his own recruitment firm, The Source and Recruit Company.

Equipped with years of industry knowledge and a new secret sauce, Matthew introduced his take on the ideal fractional recruitment model. At its core, a fractional approach assigns a dedicated recruiter to each client on demand for a set amount of hours each week, leading to strong client relationships and high-quality, low-cost candidate placements. His approach and emphasis on risk management proved to be a game-changer.

“We continue to see record-breaking revenue and incredibly positive client feedback. Our approach resonates with most people deeply,” Matthew reveals.

Bootstrapping The Source and Recruit Company from start-up to the present day wasn’t without its challenges. From refining the business model, learning to manage and retain staff, building a world-class tech stack, to navigating a global pandemic, Matthew and his team have faced numerous obstacles. Yet, each challenge was met with resilience and innovation.

“Adversity breeds creativity. It forces you to look at problems differently and find unique solutions,” Matthew asserts.

Under his guidance, The Source and Recruit Company has not only survived but thrived amidst turbulence, even harnessing the power of AI to streamline the recruitment process. “AI is a powerful tool, but it is currently unable to build relationships, be brand ambassadors, understand workplace culture, or replace the human touch. That’s where we come in,” Matthew emphasizes.

Matthew’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, tenacity, and innovation. His advice for professionals seeking to transition their careers or start a business? “Embrace change, continuously learn new skills, and don’t be afraid to take calculated risks. Get to know people in the field you’re interested in and see if you can find a mentor to bounce ideas off of along the way.”

Matthew’s story proves that with the right mindset and unyielding determination, it’s possible to turn ambition into action and impact an industry in the process. As he aptly puts it, “Building a socially responsible recruiting business is akin to planting a tree. Each ethical decision made is a seed sown, which over time, with nourishment and care, grows into a canopy of trust and goodwill. Our shared social responsibility is the sunshine that guides the growth, ensuring that the business stands tall, proud, and beneficial to all in its shade.”

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