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Frank Romero Makes Home Loans Easy and Accessible

People buy properties for varied reasons. To some, it’s a dream refuge for the family— a place of comfort and security. To others, it’s a medium of investment that can help grow passive income through price appreciation or home rental. In both cases, one thing is for sure: the acquisition process is a lot of work. Buying a home can be one of the most tedious processes. But Frank Romero has spent his whole career making that process simple for so many people. 

Frank Romero is the branch manager at West Capital Lending, a prime mortgage brokering company that helps the home acquisition process easier for aspiring homeowners and real estate investors. He’s worked in the industry for over sixteen years now and has mastered all the ins and outs of the industry. Over the years, Frank has established a solid reputation as a financial services industry professional, helping many clients complete requirements on a house loan and pick up the best rates possible. 

Millions of Americans today can only dream of owning their property. Unfortunately, real estate ownership has been reserved for a selected few for the longest time. Romero hopes to change that by championing better mortgage systems and property acquisition processes. In the meantime, he has mastered all the aspects of choosing a loan that best meets one’s context, filling out the necessary paperwork, getting finances in order, and filing for approval. Frank has one of the best approval rates in town and intends to keep it that way. 

At best, Frank Romero’s work makes dreams come true, cutting out home loans that meet the budget and setting someone up for homeownership success. His home loan experience extends to all times of home loans, including conventional, VA, and FHA Financing. His leadership has also been pivotal in West Capital Lending’s growth and integrity. He steers the company towards favorable directions and has guided the company through one of the worst financial crunches in the past few decades. 

Moreover, Frank takes pride in his company and team’s culture, applauding the staff’s emphasis on customer experience. “Everyone puts an effort to give exceptional customer service and make the clients feel that they understand the process and the home loan,” explains Romero. His sales skills and in-depth knowledge of VA Loans, Refinance, Management and Contact Centers have also been a massive factor in the company’s success. 

In all that Frank does, his motive has always been to help people get closer to their dreams and goals. Accordingly, his clients have shared nothing but positive praise for the mortgage experts. Still, Frank remains hungry for growth and improvement. He shares that there is still more to learn, and he intends to do just that.

Frank’s current plans include an expansion beyond the California market. He’s looking to start serving people in other parts of the country. By doing so, he seeks to make home acquisition easier for many. “Getting a home should never be a complicated process,” shares Romero. “I think buyers easily get frustrated, and it’s on us to ease that frustration by giving them straightforward, seamless and less stressful solutions to make their home purchase easy.”

To learn more about Frank Romero, visit his LinkedIn profile or Zillow Page.

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