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Experience the Magic of Eco Gold With Nuggets by Grant’s Logos MMXX Collection

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Grant Conner has a passion for gold that runs deep in his blood, hailing from a town called “Gold Town” in Oroville. As a fourth-generation natural gold dealer and gold scientist/producer, he saw the need for creating a world-class collection of natural gold on Nuggets by Grant to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly gold. Overcoming numerous challenges and obstacles, Nuggets by Grant has now served over 30 million in sales in 10 years of online business, shipping to customers worldwide.

One of the things that set Nuggets by Grant apart from other gold dealers is their commitment to sourcing ethically and sustainably-mined gold. The company sources gold from the most eco-friendly regions in North America and Australia and has recently expanded to Brazil and Sonora, Mexico, to provide more options to their customers. They also provide full transparency by allowing customers to know the rivers the gold comes from and how it was processed and cleaned.

However, Nuggets by Grant’s dedication to environmental stewardship does not end with sourcing. The company’s alchemy continues with its Gold Into Water campaign, which uses sales to support Charity Water, a partner for clean water in Africa. Gold, which comes from the stars, passes through the hands of miners and then onto customers, providing clean water to someone on the other side of the world.

Nuggets by Grant also has a unique collection of gold objects from Alaska, British Columbia, and the Yukon region, as well as gold directly from the Hoffman Family and the Mammoth Valley Mine, which was featured on the Gold Rush Show. Customers can browse thousands of items, 50 times more than most competitors’ inventories, and find mining supplies or spot new gold, gems, or specimens from Brazil, Mexico, Colorado, Italy, and more.

The new Logos MMXX collection is a game-changer in the jewelry-making industry, as it offers coins, bars, and casting grain made from organic gold. This means that jewelers no longer have to use their own typical casting grains to make 14k or 18k gold but can capture a whole new glow and color that’s organically the same as the river it came from. This is like a winery finally getting to make something different than Merlot.

Grant’s dream is to see less corruption and more light shed on the precious metal industry. He believes that if we use gold for something sacred, such as marriage, we should care if the energy in that ring was created through bloodshed or harm to Mother Earth. He sees top tech companies and jewelry brands sourcing their gold from him because he is one of the world’s top experts with the capacity for finding true gold that is, without a doubt, from small mining communities that are good for the Earth. There will be backlash from the public on things like cobalt mining and war-consuming gold mining, where big brands trust their sourcing and use them for things like computer chips, jewelry, investment coins and bars, and more.

Nuggets by Grant’s Logos MMXX collection offers customers a unique opportunity to purchase eco-friendly gold coins, bars, and casting grain for jewelry-making. The properties of eco-gold differ from those of traditional gold, and the benefits of using it for jewelry-making are numerous. Nuggets by Grant’s commitment to sustainability and transparency is also commendable, and their efforts to make a positive impact on the world make them a top choice for those looking for eco-friendly gold. The future is bright for Nuggets by Grant, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for this game-changing brand.

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