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Epique Realty and Ramsay Real Estate Unite in Groundbreaking Collaboration, Marking a Milestone Partnership Rooted in Philanthropy and Community Building

Epique Realty and Ramsay Real Estate
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In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, the recent collaboration between Epique Realty and Ramsay Real Estate has sent ripples through the industry. Charles Ramsay, the Principal State Broker of Epique Realty in Oregon, brings with him a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to philanthropy and community building. The partnership, forged through a personal connection with Sam Rodriguez, a member of the Epique Realty Board, is a testament to shared values and a vision for a more generous and service-oriented real estate experience.

For Charles Ramsay, the decision to join forces with Epique Realty was not taken lightly. His initial intrigue stemmed from the alignment of values – a resonance that transcended the allure of his former position at eXp. “Despite being content at eXp, I couldn’t ignore the curiosity about what drew my friend Sam to Epique Realty,” Ramsay reflects. “The more I delved into their ethos, the more I appreciated the opportunity before me. Their commitment to supporting Realtors in unique ways, coupled with a focus on creating generational wealth, felt like a rare find.”

The collaboration is not just a strategic move in the real estate chessboard; it’s a meeting of minds deeply rooted in a shared commitment to philanthropy and community welfare. Ramsay’s career has been dedicated to paving the way for clients and Realtors to create generational wealth for their families. Epique Realty’s benefits package, which includes free healthcare and other unparalleled perks, aligns seamlessly with Ramsay’s mission. “With the benefit package Epique offers, this delivers us all much closer to our destinations,” Ramsay notes, underscoring the symbiotic nature of the collaboration.

The ethos of generosity and community-building is not a recent addition to Ramsay’s playbook. His journey into real estate with Ramsay Real Estate was propelled by a deeply ingrained desire to be of service. “Being of service has been in my DNA all my life,” Ramsay affirms. This commitment to social and environmental impact has been the guiding principle in Ramsay’s business decisions, shaping the identity of Ramsay Real Estate.

With over 23 years of complex contract negotiation under his belt, Ramsay’s journey through various roles, including General Manager, Patient Advocate, General Contractor, and Administrator, reflects a diverse skill set. His remarkable achievements, such as securing a $120,000 grant to revamp a hydroelectric system and contributing to the permanent placement of 1500 acres of family land into a Land Trust, showcase his dedication to creating lasting change.

Charles Ramsay’s commitment to community service is not confined to real estate transactions. His philanthropic endeavors extend to charity endurance events, contributions to various charitable organizations, and a lifelong goal of achieving $1 million in donations. It’s a testament to his belief that success should be measured not only in business achievements but also in the positive impact on the lives of others.

Epique Realty, touted as the number one AI-driven real estate company in the US, adds another layer to the collaboration. Ramsay acknowledges the importance of moving forward with partners who share a devotion to providing the highest level of meaningful service to clients. The technological advantage offered by Epique positions the collaboration as a formidable force in the industry. “This, along with the technological advantage Epique offers, positions us all to compete for the top spot and help others thrive by the tens of thousands,” Ramsay emphasizes, highlighting the potential impact of this collaboration on the broader real estate landscape.

The benefits offered by Epique Realty extend beyond the professional realm, reaching into the personal lives of Realtors. The comprehensive package includes healthcare, urgent care, mental health care, prescription coverage, client referrals, marketing placements, revenue share, and even unlimited car washes. Ramsay draws attention to the fact that the perks are not just about business; they’re about fostering an environment where individuals can thrive and, in turn, contribute more to their communities.

In the realm of real estate, where transactions often dominate the narrative, the collaboration between Epique Realty and Ramsay Real Estate stands out as a beacon of shared values and a commitment to a more generous and community-centric approach. As these two entities join forces, the impact on the industry and the communities they serve is poised to be nothing short of transformative. Charles Ramsay’s journey from various leadership roles to the helm of Epique Realty in Oregon is a testament to the power of collaboration grounded in shared values and a vision for a more compassionate and service-driven real estate landscape.

To delve deeper into the transformative collaboration between the two companies, check out Epique Realty’s website.

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