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Dead Ape Club combines fashion with the metaverse!!!

In the digital age we hear more and more about metaverse and augmented reality. In the last period this has led high fashion houses to become more and more interested in this business that is registering exponential growth rates.This is where Dead Ape Club was born, an innovative project that tries to unite two worlds that at first glance may seem very different.

Dead Ape Club is a project on the Ethereum blockchain, whose goal is to develop a unique metaverse with the appearance of a tropical island. This metaverse will be structured as a real self-sufficient and sustainable digital economy where the impossible becomes possible.

Building businesses, exploring virtual landscapes and playing games will be just some of the thousands of activities on the island… in addition, NFT owners will be able to open small businesses such as bars, clubs, restaurants, boutiques and more to sell digital goods to visitors.

The collection also has a very special feature, which is that each NFT is fully customizable. Each feature of the NFT can be removed or replaced through the use of their website where you will find virtual boutiques where you can buy new items, from necklace, t-shirt to glasses and so on. Currently the above, when you buy an NFT, in most cases the items are not modifiable, and it is very common to find a piece with “features” not very rare, not modifiable and that you do not like.

With Dead Ape Club this doesn’t happen.  Each NFT trait can be removed or replaced through the use of a special section of the website accessible by the holders, in which it will be possible to buy new Items. This feature opens the door to possible collaborations with fashion brands, more and more interested in new business, which will be able for the first time to create wearable clothes to propose to the metaverse.



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