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Aerial Resupply Coffee Founder Shares His Top Tips for Aspiring Veteran Entrepreneurs

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Transitioning to civilian life from active military duty can be a complicated process for many veterans. It can take time to decide what direction to take your career in. Michael Klemmer, the founder of Aerial Resupply Coffee and a veteran himself, shares his best advice on how to be successful in business as a veteran. He believes that the skills acquired during active duty in the military are invaluable in the business world.

Read on to learn how to apply those skills and take your first steps toward becoming an entrepreneur.

Leverage Your Leadership Skills

Leadership is one of the most critical skills for entrepreneurs; it separates the good from the great. As a military veteran, you have already been trained in leadership and can use these skills to your advantage when starting your own business. Leverage your ability to lead teams and get people motivated by developing a clear vision for success and inspiring everyone around you with that vision.

Use Your Self-Discipline 

Veterans have been trained to have extreme self-discipline, which all entrepreneurs need to stay motivated and focused while starting their businesses. Use this self-discipline to keep yourself motivated even when the going gets tough because it will ensure that you don’t give up prematurely on your goals. It will also help you stay organized and prioritize tasks for maximum efficiency in running your business.

Network With Other Veterans 

Networking is vital for any business owner or entrepreneur, and even more so for veterans transitioning into civilian life after their service has ended. By connecting with other veterans who have gone through similar experiences as yours, you can receive valuable advice about starting a business or career path that works best for you. In addition, Michael recommends taking advantage of resources like The Bunker incubator—an organization dedicated to helping veterans become successful entrepreneurs by providing mentorship programs and access to capital networks.

Embrace Change

The business world is constantly changing, and as an entrepreneur, you need to be able to adapt quickly to stay ahead of the competition. As veterans, we are used to adapting quickly to new environments and situations; this can also be instrumental in business. Embrace change, stay up-to-date with industry trends, and never stop learning – these are all critical components of being a successful entrepreneur.

Develop a Network of Mentors

No one knows everything about running a successful business; even veterans who have been through some of life’s toughest challenges can benefit from having mentors or advisors who can offer guidance when needed. Please take advantage of your online and offline network; reach out to other veterans who have started their businesses, or find mentors who can help guide you toward success as an entrepreneur.

Michael Klemmer is living proof that veterans can succeed in entrepreneurship after leaving active duty service if they know how to utilize their existing skillset and take calculated risks along the way. By leveraging their leadership skills, self-discipline, and willingness to take risks, veterans who want to become entrepreneurs after service can set themselves up for success just like Michael did with Aerial Resupply Coffee! His top three tips provide an excellent roadmap for anyone looking to start their own business after leaving active duty service! 

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