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Brian Mark Shares Journey of Transitioning From Fitness Trainer to Business Coach

Transitions are pivotal in the sense that it leads one to discover new things, grow, and even change the entire course of others’ lives. Brian Mark has had his share of transitions, and with each one, he always wanted to share a message to the world– “If I can do it, so can you!”

Brian Mark is the top-of-mind choice for online fitness coaches who are striving to establish their brand in the online fitness industry. He started his entrepreneurial journey back in 2013 when he built his first fitness business, Aesthetic Nation. His first venture allowed him to work with over a thousand clients across the globe. Through his expertise and dedication to fitness, Brian was able to help his clients finish workout programs, create sustainable meal plans, and gain a loyal community. Beyond fitness, the coach was able to transform his clients’ lives, guiding them to create happier, healthier, and more robust lifestyles. 

Aesthetic Nation was leading in its field, and Brian Mark felt that he could do more for the fitness industry. And so, he transitioned from fitness entrepreneur to business coaching when he launched another company, PT Domination, in 2018 to help online trainers gain as much success as his brand has. Over the last three years, Brian has entirely and radically impacted the business coaching industry and has played an integral role for online trainers across the country. Since his transition, Brian has helped over 1,250 clients through his innovative coaching program. Out of his students, 196 of whom are already making over $10,000 per month from their online fitness training practice. 

“Our business took off during the first wave of COVID-19. We pivoted our offer and started charging $400 per month, and helping online coaches generate $10,000 per month in revenue,” shared Brian Mark. “The reputation of the company grew extremely rapidly, and now we serve over 1,250 online fitness coaches from all around the world.” Brian and his team offer ten coaching calls per week, coupled with the best support system that provides coaches with the resources they need 24/7. Brian also put out free content on his website for his clients to freely use and access anytime they want. 

Besides growing a fitness empire and changing lives through his coaching program, Brian Mark is also making a significant difference through his podcast, Change Lives, Make Money. The show tackles various topics that aim to equip online trainers with industry tips and tricks on how they can dominate their field. The podcast is currently the #1 show for online trainers and has landed among the Top 50 Business Podcasts on Apple Podcasts.

But before he was able to build the incredible life he is leading today, Brian Mark shared that he had his fair share of trials and tribulations. In 2012, he hit rock bottom after being addicted to hard drugs, dealing with death threats, and facing many other challenges in life. Determined to overcome his dark times, Brian decided to turn his life around, and he started by having a vision of a cleaner, sober, and healthier lifestyle. Being the visionary that he is, Brian wanted his change to not only affect himself but amplify an inspiring message to the world.

“I am the next Gary Vaynerchuck. My impact will continue to grow as I ascend on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and podcast apps. I am all in for all aspects of my life, and I am certain this level of commitment will carry me through to make a significant difference in the world,” the business coach said. 

A gym owner, a certified family man, and an avid fitness fanatic–Brian Mark is indeed one to watch.

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