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BOSS Startup Science Founder Gregory Shepard helps Startups Avoid Failure through Groundbreaking Research Paper Silver Master

Most startups and businesses today do not have an implementation problem. However, research shows that many startups have failed outrightly or failed to live up to expectations, not solely because they failed to implement their ideas but because of their failure to identify loopholes and pitfalls within their industry. In his over 20 years as an entrepreneur, business coach, and exit strategist, Gregory Shepard has devised a mechanism for keeping startups and businesses viable, but only through the implementation of BOSS, Business Operating Support System. 

BOSS Startup Science is an initiative founded to help entrepreneurs and startups find their footing and through a number of proven operational strategies become too big to fail and unstoppable regardless of the competitive nature of the business industry. 

BOSS is the brainchild of Gregory Shepard, a serial entrepreneur of over 20 years whose career has been nothing short of impressive, having achieved the loftiest heights possible within the business world in the last two decades. Today, after 12 liquidity events, hundreds of articles in 25 national and international publications, a radio show and being featured in numerous radio, podcasts, and TV shows later, Gregory founded BOSS Capital Partners. It started as a global syndicate for investing in startups worldwide, and currently, he is a co-founder of BOSS Startup Science, a learning centre. This was developed to empower entrepreneurs and increase the startup success rate. 

BOSS Startup Science relies on the expertise of its founder, Greg, who throughout a success-laden career has been responsible for some groundbreaking results within the business space. BOSS, thus is catering to a crop of new generation entrepreneurs who may be lost on what to do or avoid to prevent a startup from not fulfilling its potential. He recently wrote Silver Master, a research paper on why startup companies around the world are doing most things wrong, and this is right out in front with a 90% failure rate. However, he has proven that does not need to be the case with BOSS Startup Science.

Silver Master examines the postmortems on over 300 failed startups, plus  analyzes over 1,200 entrepreneurs in different cycles of their startup journey to distill fact-based trends that cause over 90% of entrepreneurs to fail within their first 2 years of business.  The research paper dives into granular detail to spotlight common issues such as hiring the wrong management team, targeting the wrong customers to overlooking an exit strategy completely  to provide a common sense doctrine woven by strains of statistical research that took over 5-years to compile.

Years of research and experience are displayed from chapter to chapter to elevate entrepreneurs by avoiding the pitfalls that many have experienced. Greg highlights problem areas like targeting the wrong customers to overlooking an exit strategy entirely, to showcase that many native companies have a convoluted viewpoint focusing on the wrong areas of business entirely.

On the motivation behind BOSS Startup Science and the entire BOSS suite, Gregory attributed his motivation to the desire to change income and wealth inequality through entrepreneurship. However, having realized the imbalances in the business space and how the cards are stacked against most entrepreneurs due to their lack of information, he thus created BOSS not only to avail them with helpful information but also to introduce them to a different category of wealth. 

As part of his long-term ambition for BOSS Startup Science, Gregory believes reaching out to more founders and entrepreneurs is at the top of his ambition with the boss. While at the same time influencing the business space so that aspiring entrepreneurs can kickstart their venture and be rest assured that every hidden loophole and pitfall have been sufficiently covered in the BOSS manifesto and principle as written made public by BOSS Startup Science and Gregory Shepard himself. 

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