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AdTech Company Truvid Joins Google’s Certified Publishing Partner Program (GCPP)

AdTech Company Truvid Joins Google’s Certified Publishing Partner Program (GCPP)
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Truvid, a video advertising technology solution that delivers state-of-the-art video experiences through its unique, technological-driven platform, has recently joined the Google’s Certified Publishing Partner Program (GCPP), further solidifying the company’s status as a leading adtech company that empowers publishers, content creators, and advertisers. 

The Google Certified Publishing Partner Program is a specialized community of advertising technology companies that provides publishers and advertisers with the assurance that they are collaborating with knowledgeable professionals in the industry. Participation in the program is reserved for partners who have demonstrated a consistent history of assisting publishers in achieving their goals. Every year, Google evaluates and includes a specific set of partners in its GCPP program. These partners are obligated to successfully complete product exams, demonstrating their proficiency in Google products and their ability to offer publishers inventive solutions and services.

CEO of Truvid, Roee Lichtenfeld, said “We are honored to receive this prestigious certification from Google, which validates our position as a trusted partner in the industry. At Truvid, we remain committed to delivering advanced video advertising solutions that drive businesses forward. With superior product versatility, transparent practices, and exceptional customer support, we are excited to further empower the open web with efficient and effective advertising capabilities. This recognition fuels our mission and propels us towards a bright future.”

Truvid achieved this elite status by offering unmatched video solutions through an advanced and dedicated platform. Their commitment to innovation and collaboration is reflected in their expanding network of partnerships. This year, Truvid is on track to generate a significant surge in revenue, achieving a record-breaking high. 

Additionally, they have upgraded their video player to provide enhanced video quality, ensuring a superior viewing experience. Truvid places great importance on promoting brand awareness for Publishers by offering a customizable Branded Skin option, allowing the player to be tailored to match the Publisher’s unique brand and logo.

Being a part of the GCPP allows Truvid to leverage Google’s vast resources, cutting-edge technologies, and industry insights to enhance its offerings and expand its reach. This collaboration opens doors to new opportunities and establishes Truvid as a trusted and reliable partner for publishers and advertisers alike. 

About Truvid

Truvid is a unique technological-driven platform that empowers Publishers and end-users by delivering unmatched video experiences. They’ve developed a distinctive business that enables Publishers, Content Owners, and Advertisers to instantly connect to a live video ecosystem while communicating between themselves to empower audiences around the globe.

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