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20 Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2021

This year will be unlike the last. While the pandemic has crippled most establishments, businessmen and women, and individuals, there are those who’ve remained steadfast. They’ve adapted to the changing environment and have stayed afloat even amid a crisis that significantly threatened economies. This, in essence, makes them the people who we need to learn from. They are models in our society and they deserve this year’s spotlight. Here are Top 20 Instagram accounts to follow: 

  1. The Rock

Dwayne Douglas “The Rock” Johnson was born into a family of wrestlers and later went into professional wrestling after his football career was ended by an injury. In the eight years he spent in the ring, he became a two-time Intercontinental champion and ten-time world champion. His retirement from wrestling marked his entry to show business. His first big role was as the antagonist in The Mummy Returns (2001). He is known for numerous films, including the Fast and Furious and Jumanji franchises. His acting career continues to thrive with major hit films, and he is estimated to be worth $320M. He is a co-founder of Seven Bucks Productions, which co-produced many of his popular films.

Instagram: @therock

  1. Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is the CEO of Cardone Capital, a company that helps entrepreneurs become successful. He is the author of the bestselling book The 10X Rule and a whole roster of business-related books that coaches minds on how to scale income and realize their entrepreneurial dreams. Cardone Capital has over $1.9 million in investments and properties. 

Instagram: @grantcardone


  1. Beyoncé

Photo courtesy: Getty Images

Texas-born Beyoncé Knowles is one of the world’s highest-paid celebrities. A singer, actress, and a Grammy Award-winning recording artist, her musical career began as she competed in local talent shows as a child. She was the lead vocalist of American R&B girl group Destiny’s Child before she separated and became a solo artist with her debut album Dangerously in Love. In her career, Beyoncé won 24 Grammys, 26 MTV Music Video Music Awards, two Legend Awards at the World Music Awards, an International Artist Award of Excellence, and numerous accolades. She is the only female artist who has had all her studio albums debut at number 1, had nine top-ranked and 22 in the top ten of the Billboard charts.

Instagram: @beyonce


  1. Reggie Hubbard

Reggie “Maestro” Hubbard is a 30-year-old serial entrepreneur and influencer based in Atlanta, GA. He is the CEO and President of Maestro Images LLC, a digital photography company that’s changing the culture of photography in the southeast.

Reggie is passionate about developing others to be impactful leaders in their communities. He has created a unique Brand Ambassador program to help models, influencers, and actors build professional portfolios at very affordable pricing.

Reggie has been featured on platforms such as FOX, NBC, CBS, and is rapidly becoming an authority figure in the photography industry.

Instagram: @ma3stroimages; @ma3strocreativestudios


  1. Robert Cannon

Robert Cannon is the CEO of Cannon Wealth Solutions. Robert Cannon, AIFA® has more than three decades of experience working with affluent investors, businesses, and entrepreneurs across the United States. He is the creator of the Maverick Investment System®. Maverick Investment System places a key focus on creating lifetime income plans for retirement, and in doing so, his system guides his clients through a very distinctive wealth management and investment process that is specifically designed for financially successful individuals, couples, and families.

Instagram: @robertcannonadvisor


  1. Benigna Ajuogu

Benigna Ajuogu is a Miami-based inspiring young entrepreneur. She is the creative director of Benigna Parfums, an extraordinary luxury niche perfume brand that’s captivating the world with an exquisite fusion of Artistry and Compelling Storytelling.

Benigna Parfums is masterfully crafting gender-neutral and transformative fragrances that embrace the power of oneness and inspire joy and harmony. The unique luxury brand has set its sights on the big screen with an empowering action film called Impossibility Nonexistent.

Inspired by her own journey, Benigna is very passionate about inspiring and impacting the lives of young people.

Instagram: @benignaparfums; @impossibilitynonexistent


  1. Out And About Business Solutions

Out And About Business Solutions’ mission is to provide high quality and innovative Business Solutions to corporate and individuals as well as ensuring that each client receives the highest level of service and the most straightforward, hassle-free experience.

If you have an idea and you want to transform it into your dream business, whether you are in the early planning stages of a start-up, or simply you want to make your passion a reality, Out And About Business Solutions’ team will provide the latest and most efficient business solutions to help you grow!

Out And About Business Solutions specializes in Business Consulting, Branding & Design, and Social Marketing Management

Instagram: @outandaboutllc


  1. Andrew Meinster

As part of the roster of professionals at Nottingham Insurance, Andrew Meinster is a provider of commercial insurance and risk management solutions. Going on his seventh year in commercial insurance, this young man has made an impressive mark in the industry. With his book of business bigger than 99 percent of his competitors, he continues to grow and build many relationships across the country.

Instagram: @an_the_insurance_man

  1. Willie J

CEO Willie J and his international company Pure Mission Entertainment are on the move. They’re fresh off very successful global musical charity projects which were lead by Lynyrd Skynrd, co-writer Stephen Wrench of Sweet Home Alabama, and 2020 Grammy winner Al Walser charting high on the US Top 20 Countdown Show.

One of Willie J’s most recent singles, “In the Morning,” garners over 3.7 million SoundCloud plays and is still increasing by the day! The song is dedicated to all of the COVID-19 victims. The follow-up of his previous hit single, “Sunshine with the Rain” feat. Arthur Flash Johnson, hit over 2 million SoundCloud plays! The song was produced by The MuzicDoctorz. 

Willie J is now preparing for the release of his greatly anticipated EP/Album Sunshine with the Rain Vol. 1, which is set to release late January 2021. 

Instagram: @williejmd


  1. Yunha Kim

Photo Credit: Glassdoor

Yunha Kim knows how meditation helps in the well-being of an individual. She is using that knowledge to reach out to others through her wellness company Simple Habit. 

Meditation helped Yunha come out from a stressful predicament—running a business after resigning from a post in Wall Street. Yunha became a firsthand witness to the effects of meditation after she decided to turn to it when she became burdened with a lot from her prior business.

Now realizing its magic, she abandoned her old business and created Simple Habit.

Instagram: @simplehabitapp 


  1. Thykskynn

Thykskynn is a black owned bulletproof apparel company that believes in “protecting your Energy, mentally spiritually and physically.” Thykskynn’s mission is to spread peaceful protection around the world. A gun by definition is not a form of protection because it can only take a life, not save a life.

Instagram: @thykskynn


  1. YaThatIsAll

YaThatIsAll is a trendsetter. Instead of confining his talents in the music industry’s standards and doing things the same way artists before him did, he follows his own pace and lets his uniqueness thrive. The rapper is best known as one of Chicago’s premier Afro hip-hop rappers. Today, YaThatIsAll stands as one of the most vital upcoming artists in the business, not only in the country but also in the international rap scene.

Instagram: @yathatisall


  1.  Henry Elkus

Helena is a company that advocates for global causes. Helena reaches out to communities through their projects, in collaboration with different partners. Over the years, they have partnered with many big companies and influential individuals like Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel, Boyan Slat, Zoe Saldana, and many more. Its founder, Henry Elkus, is a man who deserves the spotlight. Recently, Henry launched a project to help distribute medical supplies to communities heavily affected by the pandemic. Helena prides itself on other projects like Shield, Factory in the Sky, and America in One Room. 

Instagram: @helena

Twitter: @henryelkus


  1. Samir Lakhani

Photo courtesy: Eco Soap Bank Org

For six years, Samir Lakhani traveled and immersed in different communities and realized how important sanitation and hygiene is to the community. Through his research, he found out that only 1% of the households in the developing world have access to soap. That’s when he decided to create Eco Soap Bank. The company he founded recycles and redistributes the soap to impoverished communities. This effort has earned him the attention of many institutions. Samir received the CNN Heroes Award and Unilever Young Entrepreneurs Awards. He is also one of Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30. 

Instagram: @ecosoapbank

Twitter: @EcoSoapBank


  1. Nija Charles

Photo courtesy: Vanity Group

23-year-old Nija Charles has had the opportunity to collaborate with many well-known names within the music industry. She wrote with Cardi B for her single “Ring” as well as with Drake for his song “No Guidance.” She also sat down with Beyonce and Jay-Z for the songs “About Us” and “LoveHappy.” Just recently, Nija sang with Beyonce and Tierra Whack to record the Lion King Track, “My Power.” Nija is a Grammy-winning songwriter, artist, and record producer who shines brighter among the musical artists in her generation.

Instagram: @amnija

Twitter: @amnija_


  1. Winnie Karanja

Photo courtesy: Winnie Karanja

Founded in 2015, Maydm continues to assist women and girls of color realize their dream to excel in their respective workplaces. It is the belief of Maydm’s founder, Winnie Karanja, that women, particularly women of color, possess skills that can open limitless opportunities for their careers. They only need to train it in a safe and inclusive environment. So since its inception, Winnie has reached out to young girls and women and given them a safe space to train their skills so they may be equipped with the skills to excel in whatever field they venture into.

Twitter: @maydmtech


  1. Danya Sherman

Photo courtesy: Entrepreneurs’ Organization

KnoNap is a cocktail napkin that serves as a detector for the presence of drugs in a drink. When spilled with a drink, the napkin changes color if it detects drugs. This innovation is Danya Sherman’s genius. However, Danya had to undergo the worst to come up with the idea.

Back when she was still a student studying abroad, someone slipped drugs in her drink and then she was taken advantage of. So she created KnoNap to prevent the same from happening to others.

This earned her several awards and recognition like Washington Life’s 2017 Technology 25 Innovators and Disruptors, Cafe 100’s 2018 Change Maker, and Toyota’s 2018 Mother of Invention. Recently, she was featured in Forbes Magazine as one of its 30 Under 30.

Instagram: @knonap

Twitter: @RealKnoNap


  1. Marya Dzmitruk

Photo by: Marya Dzmitruk

Marya Dzmitruk co-founded Prodsmart, a leading company that helps small- and medium-sized businesses scale their income through software creation. Prodsmart started in 2018 and has been key to catapulting several companies like sonafi, IG Masonry Support, Science4You, and many more. The management software made by Prodsmart is custom-fit for the needs of each company. The company has over $5 million in funding and has grown $2.3 million more last year.

Instagram: @prodsmart

Twitter: @prodsmart


  1. Arum Kang

Photo courtesy: GeekWire photo / Todd Bishop

Providing an efficient platform for over 2.5 billion partner introductions since 2012, Coffee Meets Bagel stands at the helm of the dating servicing industry. Ran by Arum Kang, the company was made to create a safe space for women to meet their perfect matches. Now a global leader, Coffee Meets Bagel intends to become a female-centered and -empowering company. 

Instagram: @coffeemeetsbagel


  1. Simon Gebrelul

Photo from : SCARNICI/Getty Images North America; from L-R (Boi-1da, Simon, and Jake Paul)

Establishing itself as a headquarters for the entertainment industry’s up-and-coming, Isla Management is one of the few agencies that mean well for artists. Its founder, Simon Gebrelul, has managed many artists and is adept at what he does. He manages award-winning Grammy songwriter Boi-1da and managed NBA Star Tristan Thompson before he ventured into the music industry. 

Instagram: @isla.mgmt

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