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Third Eyes NFT Helping with Financial Freedom and Forming a Part of the Building Block for Web3

Non-fungible tokens came into the world and exerted a never-seen-before dominance. Aided largely by blockchain technology, many creators and artists have leveraged this dominance to get their work out there and contribute to the growing digitization of assets and investment opportunities. Third Eye Apes NFT is one of the latest projects to enter the NFT space, and outside its core qualities as a non-fungible token, it offers some major side benefits, which include having positive impacts on people’s lives.

Third Eye Apes NFT collection contains 10,000 hand-drawn digital pieces created by Miami, Florida-based artist Deion’dre Deveaux. Each unique ape in the collection is randomly generated from over 150 features such as facial expressions, eyes, skin, jewelry, clothing, hair, headwear and many more.

Typical of every NFT project, Third Eye Apes NFT has an interesting backstory that describes the Third Eye Apes as the wisest apes in the meta. Their presence has a significance, which is to enlighten the world about the future of NFTs, virtual reality, and the metaverse. They also have a real-life utility such as giving holders equity in an investment fund or a digital island equity and access to exclusive live events globally. All these perks and benefits are geared towards encouraging a thriving community of forward-minded individuals who wish to achieve financial freedom.

Third Eye Apes NFT hopes to capture the attention of individuals who are passionate about a progressive modern world and the development of the cryptocurrency and Web3 spaces. With its extensive roadmap that covers milestones and targets that enable the community to thrive, Third Eye Apes NFT strongly sticks to its goal of changing the world for the better. There is a staking feature in its roadmap that allows holders of Third Eye Apes NFT in exchange for the native token $TEAS, which is unique to the community and can be used in future utilities like breeding.

The project is also well-poised for the metaverse, where it will purchase an island once its tokens sell out. Priced at 0.2 ETH, Third Eye Apes NFT promises its holders a giveaway of Ecom stores to randomly chosen Apes once the collection sells out completely. The team behind the project is made up of seasoned marketing professionals and talented artists and are passionate about building a community based on utility and value rather than hype.

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