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Lazy 8ight Yacht Club Chooses Four Non-profit Organizations to Receive Their Massive Donations

A new NFT project called Lazy 8ight Yacht Club has hit the blockchain with the goal of making its name synonymous with high-end marine craftsmanship and ocean conservancy philanthropy. The new project looks to create a legacy that holders will be proud to be a part of. 

Lazy 8ight Yacht Club is the first NFT project to design 3D, fully traversable 90-meter mega yachts for the metaverse. The first drop of Lazy 8ight Yacht Club consists of 8,888 unique and completely traversable 90-meter yachts, and that is just the beginning. They are also creating real-work experiences and donating a significant portion of our profits to marine conservation charities. 

“Unlike most art, our yachts are extremely complex and traversable. Holders can explore every inch of the yacht, including the casinos, gyms, spas, movie rooms are more in our metaverse”, says the co-founders of this NFT project: Arin Alesauskas, CEO; Gunnar Dunbar, COO; and Oriana Schneps, CMO. The core of NFT projects is community and collaboration. They aim to make this project reflect this value within their growing community and with their partnerships. Through real-world community events, networking events, exclusive celebrations, and week-long getaways, they will bolster the L8YC community and the NFT community. The founders invite enthusiasts and aspiring holders to join them as they take on this new frontier of digital marine exploration.

The founding team is driven and committed to making waves in the NFT space by bringing their community the highest quality 3D NFTs, incredible incentives, exclusive networking events, and the adventure of a lifetime. They are committed to making every holder’s investment as profitable as possible and to be the premier yachting community in the Metaverse. Their team works tirelessly to bring integrity, quality, and execution to the forefront of our project.

“Here at Lazy 8ight Yacht Club, we strive for excellence in everything we do and firmly believe our new assets, coupled with one-of-a-kind utility, create the foundation for a thriving community. For these fundamental reasons, we deliver NFTs that are best in class. Our first drop will consist of 8,888 generative ninety-meter megayachts. Each yacht will be unique, realistic, and designed to integrate into the Metaverse seamlessly,” they explained.

The luxurious yachts will come equipped with a traversable interior and awe-inspiring amenities, including cigar lounges, pools, gamblers’ dens, and more. It will be an experience unique to the holders of this NFT project.

The team’s high dedication is their strategic approach to not only their L8YC community but also to the charitable causes we support. They will donate $800,000 throughout their minting process to 4 non-profit organizations that offer their time, effort, and resources to save the seas. The NFT space highly values community, collaboration, and partnership with individuals who see the blockchain, Metaverse, and NFTs as the world’s future. To serve with the incorporation of this fundamental belief, Lazy 8ight Yacht Club (L8YC) is now creating a world and carving out a unique path for favorite projects to call home. 

The founders believe that the NFT space is prepared to turn PFP projects into full-blown 3D avatars, and their Metaverse Marina is the best place to go for this. Imagine importing your invisible friend into the L8YC world, partying with a Bored Ape, soaking up some virtual sun with your CryptoPunks, while simultaneously earning rewards and upgrading your experience. L8YC desires to give projects a place to build their refuge, to help them seamlessly transition their project into a 3D avatar, and to take the next step, as a community, into Metaverse exploration!

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