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Latest NFT on the Block: The Hyped Husky Night Club Prepares to Open in the Metaverse

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) seem to have exploded this year. From art and music to memes, innovators in the digital world seem to have tipped the scale as these digital assets become increasingly popular, gaining value and selling for several thousand to millions of dollars. One latest addition to the NFT space that appeals to its holder’s sense of adventure while promising a future arbitrage is the Hyped Husky Night Club, a collectible with jaw-dropping offers for its holders. 

The Hyped Husky Night Club is a pack of 10,000 hyped huskies NFTs stored as ERC-721 tokens on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain. It is the latest NFT project to hit the market, and as it gains traction, experts predict it can knock pre-existing NFTs out of the water and dominate the NFT marketplace. The story behind the  Hyped Husky Night Club is one of adventure and daring to dream.

Living in their cozy homes in the Huskies universe, a group of ten huskies attended a costume contest at the most fabulous nightclub in town. Fate soon smiled at this fabulous ten as they were unanimously announced as the winner of the contest. With the newfound fame comes new responsibilities, and to pursue their dreams, the Hyped Huskies are determined to find out what the future holds. So they stepped out of their comfort zones, left their homes and bid goodbye to loved ones and set forth to actualize their dreams. The first step is establishing the Hyped Husky Night Club, spelling the beginning of a remarkable and legendary story for generations yet unborn. 

For NFT enthusiasts, DeFi enthusiasts, crypto enthusiasts, artists, collectors, pet lovers, and everyone seeking to assert their dominance in the expanding metaverse of NFTs, the Hyped Husky Night Club provides the perfect launchpad, and owning any unit of the 10,000 Hyped Huskies or the unique 10 Galactic Hyped Huskies place the holders in a unique value category. The token will be launched on the VIP launch date (Whitelist) on December 5, at 7 pm EST. Then, on  December 10, at 7 pm EST, it will be officially made available to the public.  

The exciting journey only just began for these early investors as they can look forward to a massive giveaway of $250,000 once the collection is all sold out. In addition, the team behind the intriguing token revealed that one out of the ten Galactic Husky would be given away. However, aside from the giveaway at the end of the mining project, holders can also look forward to the rewards along the journey that celebrates each milestone reached. After the first 25% of the collection is sold, the team will re-invest the second-market royalties into marketing campaigns. Once the metaverse grows by an additional 25%, the Hyped Husky NFT Holders will be receiving the Hyped Husky Night Club exclusive merch collection.

At 75% of tokens sold, a total of 20 Hyped Huskies will be given away. At the end of the collection, the creators will begin developing the breeding function right away. After that, they will launch a new collection for the newly bred Husky to thrive while also revealing a celebrity collaboration.

Learn more about the new NFT token, Hyped Husky Night Club, by visiting the official website. You can also check the Instagram page for more updates or join the Discord server.

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