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Jack Halebian’s Financial Tracker Is A Must-Have For All Investors

Many investment tracking software and apps take care of finance monitoring and management, but not all systems are easy to use, as some might cause more confusion than offer clarity. That’s where Jack Halebian has succeeded—creating a system that makes financing and investment tracking easier for anyone.

With Jack Halebian at the helm, the team at HPG Networks has released a brand-new financial product, Financial Portfolio Tracker Template, revolutionizing how people track their assets, investments, and more and giving entrepreneurs and investors a way to gain control of their financial future. 

The Financial Portfolio Tracker Template allows its users to track the status of all their investments in one place, so they can see how their stocks, ETFs, funds, options, cryptocurrencies, and more are performing at a glance. It is a tool that is helping droves of people better evaluate and organize their financial portfolios—something that HPG believes is crucial to achieving long-term success in the market. 

HPG Networks is a company that provides a platform for businesses to reach the world through its social media presence. The brand has a sizable following across various platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and TikTok. By focusing on providing quality, brand-safe content, HPG aims to inspire its audience to take control of their future. It continues to recruit the best founders and creators to join them on its mission and looks forward to announcing more additions and collaborations. 

Leading HPG is Jack Halebian, an advertising professional with several years of experience in media planning and investment. He has worked for several agencies and has gained experience across multiple client accounts. The founder has also invested in numerous stocks and equity portfolios on his own time as an active artist and painter. Over the years, Jack has learned how to create multiple portfolios by hedging successful long-term investments. 

With his innovative Financial Portfolio Tracker Template, Jack lets investors track their financial investments by using stock tickers to pull individual corporate data in Google Sheets, making it easier for its users to keep track of their money. Users only need to provide the stocks they own, the number of shares for each stock, and their current cost. They can then accurately measure the average price at which they purchased the stock.

The HPG tracker includes charts and other tools to assess the investments inputted into the template. As an added bonus, people can also access this template for free when they join the HPG community, with available intermittent updates and user feedback options.

Jack and the team envisioned a tool that is accessible to users anywhere at any time, so they developed an online application that can be used with Excel, Google Sheets, and other compatible software on any computer. Today, that vision has come to life with the Financial Portfolio Tracker Template.

The tracker has been called a must-have for the average investor who wants to spend more time in their business and automate their estate planning and investments, helping anyone track their progress and focus on achieving their financial goals. With its reliable and easy-to-use features, this Financial Portfolio Tracker Template is indeed looking like a game-changer in people’s financial journey and success.


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