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From Stoners to Impactful Entrepreneurs: The Brady Houdashelt and Danielle Houdashelt Story

The hemp industry has created numerous impactful entrepreneurs and companies providing wellness solutions. Brady and Danielle Houdashelt fall in this category and have turned around the perception of being stoners into creators of alternative wellness products made from hemp.

Brady Houdashelt and Daniel Houdashelt have been called “crazy and stupid stoners” for years, but they have remained dogged in the pursuit of their dreams. Owing to the success of their company, Hemp CBD Superstore, the couple now go by the aliases “Hemp Millionaire” and” Hemp Momma,” respectively. They have built an empire that is making waves in the hemp industry, which many other entrepreneurs look up to for inspiration.

The couple got into the hemp and CBD industry to fill a void in the market while building a company that everyone will be proud to identify with. “There is a lack of quality and consumer understanding in the majority of these types of products. We wanted to create well branded, high quality, consumer-friendly products that provide a true experience at an affordable price,” Brady revealed. “We also wanted financial freedom and the ability to spend more time with our kids. We wanted to live every day like it is a vacation doing what we love. So when we say we are changing the product’s game, we mean it,” he added.

All the products the couple has created are available on the Hemp CBD Superstore website. With how quickly the products sell out, the couple’s status as a power couple in supplements and alternative wellness products is undeniable. Brady and Danielle Houdashelt have created products across multiple niches in the industry, including cannabis, hemp, honey, psychedelics, mushrooms and many others. For over seven years, the couple has run Hemp CBD Superstores and launched four more brands over the last five months as offshoots of the parent brand.

Some products under the Hemp CBD Superstores umbrella include Blazin Beez Mad Honey in the psychedelics niche, MushyZ MushTropics using mushroom extracts and Nootropics for mushroom supplements, Alt Cannabinoids hemp derived from delta 8 THC Nano beverages and carts and gummies in the cannabis and hemp space. These products are designed for adults older than 21 to make them feel better and lead healthier lives.

Brady has revealed that a great deal of work goes into releasing niche products early into the market. Describing their process, Brady said, “We have acquired a vast amount of forecasting skills over the years to ensure our products truly make a difference. Danielle and I come up with the ideas either together or separately. Once we do that, we brainstorm name and branding options. Danielle creates the actual artwork and websites to do the branding and labels etc. Brady creates the buzz around the brand and helps sell to retailers and distributors. We ‘ying and yang’ each other’s skills and work perfectly for our consumers. We can launch brands in under a month typically.”

With the motivation to become financially independent and powerful, Brady and Danielle are constantly looking for gaps they can fill in the market. The ultimate goal for the couple is to create a better world for the future, and presently, they take pride in doing everything to get the job done. Brady sees the brand becoming bigger in the next five years and creating more widely accepted alternative products to be shipped worldwide.

Learn more about Brady and Danielle Houdashelt on the official website.

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